Step into your own kitchen haven here at The Bake School. With a small class size, we promise a comfort and relaxing environment in which you can have a personalized learning experience. 

Whether you’re a complete newbie or someone who’s been regularly baking at home, our instructor can cater to your individual needs and pace the class accordingly. Together, let’s bake happiness! 

Image by Taylor Grote

Baking is both a science and an art. What started as a hobby developed into 15 years of experience in producing delicious bakes. From madeleines to mooncakes to money-pulling cakes, Cuen Cuen is constantly on the pursuit of baking excellence. She also has a passion for imparting knowledge in a safe, healthy learning environment. 

Cuen Cuen’s wish is for everyone who steps into The Bake School to find happiness in baking. Through her classes, students will gain a deep understanding of kitchen-tested recipes and techniques, and grow in confidence as they recreate their favourite bakes from scratch.